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The audit process is highly complex and the relevance of auditors as a link in the chain of financial statements was never so valued, as their role as trustworthy and real advisors. Our team of professionals deliver a wide range of audit services and counselling, to support our clients in the path toward their business goals, manage the associated risks and improve their company’s performance.

The use of our tools allows the audit experts to offer the insurance of a high-quality service, inherent of the CC Moz Group brand, and already expected by the financial community and remnant marketplace.

We own complete audit tools, techniques and resources, which allow us to provide such services in the most enhanced way. We are proud to stand for the utmost standards of independence, objectivity and technical excellence.

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Our chosen approach to the audit process is a consistent one, while simultaneously offering the flexibility needed to, at times, overcome complexities and our clients’ individual traits. We are focused on understanding their business deepest features as well as matters of control, to achieve the best outcome. It combines a strict and complete risk evaluation, diagnosis activities and tests to the processes of audits, with a continuously evaluation of our clients’ performance.