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Operation mode

Organization and accounting treatment of all enterprise activity, according to the legal demands. Drafting and submitting all fiscal and tributary declarations. Processing and handling of incomes, pay slips and tributary withholdings and contributions.

Accounting, such as we perceive it, is not a tax estimate mechanism. The accountant does not serve the State, rather stands beside entrepreneur we works with, to whom he provides all the information the second needs to manage his own business. In this sense, Accounting is a fundamental tool for the manager, because it allows him to monitor trends, plan strategies and identify the costs that may be contained and profits that may be added on. It makes it possible to pinpoint exactly where the value of the company lies.

It’s an everchanging activity, result of the Globalization phenomenon, mainly it’s economic aspect. Because we stay vigilant for these transformations, we continuously guarantee a service that meets the new demands of the managers and general message recipients.

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  • Responsability of certified accountants
  • Execution of general and analytic accounting
  • Drafting of accounts plans which meet all legal and management needs
  • Filling and delivery of all tax returns
  • Recording of all goods and control of fixed assets
  • Analysis and reconciliation of accounts
  • Analysis and management support monthly/periodical reports
  • End of year financial settlements and tax returns