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For more than 9 years we lead the consulting business

Group’s general overview

We are an enterprise that exists in the Mozambican marketplace since 2011 and our core focus is the provision of services. We also have an extensive record on Portuguese soil. We have at your disposal a young and multidisciplinary team, valued by their qualifications, motivation and work experience, so that we can provide the most refined service, even with the demand and expectations of our clients. We ensure a premium quality job, so that your sole concern is your own business.

We ensure and handle your company’s most prized values, for it to prosper and not be hindered by collateral and unattended risks.

Our headquarter is in the city of Maputo, having branch offices in Nampula and Nacala. Nevertheless, we are apt to meet your needs across the whole country. Our team’s knowledge allows us to extend our expertise throughout the most varied areas.

  • Trading and Services
  • Education
  • Public Transport
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Construction Industry
  • Customs Agents
  • Agriculture
  • ONG and other organizations

Trust and Integrity - We compromise to generate long term economic revenue, rooted on sustainable and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders. These relationships are based on honesty, integrity and transparency.

People are in the centre of our success - Our partners are a vital element of our success. For that reason, we continuously work to refine our value proposition as an employer, with the purpose of attracting and keeping the most talented and ambitious team of professionals. We invest not only in the development of their own skills, but also in the provision of appealing and thriving work environments, thus promoting a balanced lifestyle also. Incessantly, we encourage meritocracy and welcome diversity in every level of the organization.

Ambition - Our ambition sets itself on the lasting definition of purposes which defy us to transcend our limits, stimulate our vitality and reinforce our drive. It provokes and keeps us unsatisfied with the status quo, making us go beyond our past success. We frequently set new and challenging aims, which demand from our managers an entrepreneurial and bold attitude.

Innovation - Innovation stands in the essence of our businesses. We question our line of though and the very business paradigms, so that we can identify new venture opportunities. We keep a challenging attitude by continuously refining our value proposition and testing new business models and handling their risks. We thriving comes from innovation.

Corporate Responsability - Our compromise is to perform our duties having in mind a sustainable development and looking into contributing beyond the economic revenue we generate with our enterprises. Particularly, it stands as our goal to improve the communities we are in and act on, working together in facing the current pressing environment and social challenges.

Sobriety and Efficiency - We look to improve resource usage and maximize its return, thus avoiding waste or overspending. The focus of our work is the efficiency of all operations, as well as attaining a healthy competition and the achievement of powerful projects.

Cooperation and Independence - We stand available to cooperate with governments, so as to improve regulatory, legislative and social frameworks, and also ensure the best solutions to all communities in which we operate, while adopting an independent stand from these entities.


Our Group’s history

The values we’ve nourished throughout the time have since the beginning been in our roots and DNA; they stand as a legacy for the future and for the way we generate long term economic revenue in companies.

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  • 2010

    Start of a certainty

    Launch of Conta Capital Moz, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda., in Mozambique, with its head office in Av. Vladimir Lenine, 1899.

  • 2013

    New Vision

    Opening of Branch in the city of Nampula.

  • 2014

    Extending a project

    Opening of Branch in the city of Nacala.

  • 2016

    Change of 'pillars'

    Change of office from headquarters to Street. Dr. Almeida Ribeiro, 45 in Maputo

  • 2018

    Horizon, Portugal

    Opening of a branch office in Portugal.

Our services

To establish business in high growth markets is always worth it.